7/24/2023 | Auction

Debunking, Dispelling, and Defining

We’ve got to debunk these myths, dispel the stigma, and define the clear benefits to selling your home at auction. 

We do NOT just sell homes that result from death, divorce, and distress. Our services work for all kinds of situations. Yes, call us if you have an estate to liquidate, but you can also call us if you’re ready to sell your current farm, home, or land quickly and effectively. 

We also sell nice homes, VERY nice homes and properties. While we certainly work with properties of all kinds and values, we are also one of the top producers in the area for high-value properties. We know how to work with competitive assets, and we know how to make sure those properties are properly advertised and marketed.

Lastly, it is a complete misconception that auctions don’t bring as much money as traditional listing routes. Think about it for a minute, when the world’s most valuable assets are sold, they are sold at… auction. Fine art, sports memorabilia, precious gems and jewelry, etc. Your property might be worth exponentially more than you might list it at. With auctions, your top dollar is not limited by listing prices or contingencies. When you sell your property at auction, it sells on a specified day, and only if your reserve is met. You have no risk; rather you have incredible potential for a high return on your investment. 

We sell it all; farms, homes, and land. Yes; your farm, your home, and/or your land. 

Call us today and you’ll experience the Hurley Advantage: a better way to sell.