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Frequently Asked Questions about Bidding Online with Hurley Auctions

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Q. Where do I go to create a new account?
A. Each individual auction information page will have a place to create a new account. It is located below the map display. Follow the prompts to create an account. If you do not have access to a computer, you can stop by our office at 2800 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle, PA, and we will be happy to assist you with setting up a new account. You will need a valid form of ID and a credit card to complete the registration. We are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Q. Will I receive a bidder number?
A. No, we no longer use bidder numbers. Your email address will be used to log into your account


Q. Do I need to register for each online auction?
A. Yes. We refer to this process as "Get Authorized." You select the payment method we will use should you win items from the online auction. We do a pre-authorization charge of $1.00 to ensure the payment method on file is valid. This transaction will show as pending and the hold will be released after 36 hours.

Q. My purchases are tax exempt. How do I note this on my account?
A. During the Get Authorized process, after you select your payment method, a pop-up window will open asking if you are tax exempt. Click YES and follow the prompts to upload a copy of your tax documentation. Another option would be to upload your tax documentation after you have completed the Get Authorized process. Look for the Actions section on the left-hand side bar. Click on the Tax exempt link and follow the prompts.

Q. Why did you charge me $1.00 when I registered for an auction?
A. The $1.00 pre-authorization charge is shown as a pending transaction. It will disappear after 36 hours. It is a verification to ensure that the payment method you selected when registering for an online auction is valid.


Q. What does “maximum bid” mean?
A. It is the maximum amount you are willing to pay per item times the quantity. Our auction software allows you to place an absentee maximum bid on an auction item. Our software will bid for you at the lowest possible increment until your maximum value is met. If your maximum bid is not met by the close of the online auction, you only pay the final bid price, not your maximum bid. Don’t forget to factor in the Buyers Premium and any applicable tax when calculating your maximum bid. You can change your maximum bid at any time prior to the online auction closing.

Q. Why can’t I see what someone else’s maximum bit is on an item?
A. As a security feature, our system does not show another buyer’s maximum bid. It is kept private so that other buyers don’t run up your bid.

Q. What is a Buyers Premium?
A. A Buyers Premium is an administrative fee that is added to all purchases. It is a predetermined percentage or flat fee added to the high bid price to achieve the contract sales price. The Buyers Premium may vary depending on the auction. Hurley Auctions may change the Buyers Premium at any time to meet the needs of the Seller and/or to abide by the auction listing agreement.

Q. How can I tell what the Buyers Premium percentage is on the auction I want to bid on?
A. The percentage amount is listed on the main page of the auction underneath the auction date and name.

Q. The pictures are not loading when I am viewing the auction. Why?
A. The issue that you are encountering is due to the internet browser you are using. Our new software requires a large amount of memory and bandwidth to run as it is constantly updating. The best internet browser to use is Google Chrome, followed by Firefox, Safari, and some folks are also able to use Microsoft Edge. Whichever internet browser you are using, you will want to make sure to have the most recent updates.

Q. How do I see the items that I have placed bids on?
A. From your computer: Located on the left-hand side bar, under Filters, there is a link to ‘What I bid on’. Click on this link and you will be able to see all the items you have placed bids on. *

From your smart phone: There are four icons located at the bottom of your screen. Click on the ‘Bid on’ icon and you will be able to see all the items you have placed bids on.*

*PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged into your bidding account, and you must also be in the auction where the bids were placed.

Q. How can I ‘WATCH’ items?
A. You can “Watch” items without bidding on them. Simply click on the ‘Eye with a + sign icon.’ This is the “Watch” feature. Our system will group together all the items you are watching.
From your computer: Located on the left-hand side bar, under Filters, there is a link to ‘Watched items’. Click on this link and you will be able to see all the items you are watching. To stop watching an item, click on the Eye icon again. *

From your smart phone: There are four icons located at the bottom of your screen. Click on the ‘Watched’ icon and you will be able to see all the items you are watching. The ‘All’ icon, returns your view to all items listed in the online auction *

*PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged into your account and you must also be in the auction where the bids were placed.

Q. When does the online auction close?
A. If an auction is advertised to close at 7:00 PM, the first three to five items in the catalog will close. Then the next set of items will close at 7:01 PM, and so on, until the catalog has completely closed. The number of items closing per minute is at the discretion of the Auction Company. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone unless stated otherwise. You can check the countdown on each individual auction item to know to the minute, how much time you have to bid on that specific auction item. On the day the auction is scheduled to close, the closing time of each item is displayed under the Bid Bar. You will want to make sure to refresh your bidding screen so that you have the most up-to-date information available. The only thing that may affect an item’s schedule time is the “auto-extend” feature.

Q. What is the “auto-extend” feature?
A. When a bid is placed on an auction item in the last minute of online auction bidding, our software will automatically extend the closing time for that item by an additional 1 minute to allow the backup bidder a chance to respond. We use the “auto-extend” feature to prevent sniping.

Q. How do I remove a bid once I have placed it?
A. There is not a way for an online buyer themselves to remove a bid once it is confirmed. The decision to cancel the bid should be made prior to submitting it to the website. Online bidding is done in real time; thus the removal of bids affects other buyers. If you bid on the wrong item, we cannot remove your bid, so please make sure and review all bids before submitting. If you feel that you have placed a bid in error, you may contact our office 24 hours prior to the close of the online auction at (717) 597-9100, or to discuss possible options. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We will not remove bids after the auction has begun to close. We cannot remove bids after the auction has closed online.

Q. Why am I not receiving Out Bid notifications?
A. Our system actively sends out emails notifying you that you have been outbid up to the day of the auction close. Check your bidding profile to ensure that the option to receive out bid notifications by email is not grayed out and is still highlighted in pink.

Q. What do the different icons mean?
A. On your computer, smart phone, and iPad:
• The first one is a Thumbs Up or Like icon.
• The second one is the Watch Item icon. Click on it if you want to watch an item. Our system will group it with other watched items for easy viewing.
• The third one is the Share a Link icon. Click on it if you want to send a link to someone that might be interested in the item you are viewing. Copy the link and paste it into your email or text.
• The fourth or last one, the Lightning Bolt/Thunderbid, immediately bids the exact amount you enter.
On your smart phone and iPad:
• The first one, ‘Winning’, shows you if you are winning any of the lots that you placed bids on.
• The second one, ‘Bid on’, shows you all the items that you have placed bids on.
• The third one, ‘Watched’, shows you the items that you are currently watching but not necessarily bidding on.
• The fourth or last one, ‘All’, returns your view to all items listed in the online auction


Q. I need more information regarding an item shown in an online auction but cannot attend the scheduled preview. What should I do?
A. Email any questions you have regarding auction items to, from dimension (if they are not provided) to requests for additional pictures. Include your phone number. You will be contacted during or after the scheduled preview with answers and additional information.


Q. The auction just closed online. When is my payment processed and when will I receive my invoice?
A. When an online auction ends/closes, we finalize the auction on the next business day and your credit card on file is charged. When an auction ends on a Friday or Saturday evening, processing does not occur until the next business day. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. After we complete our internal processes, you will receive an email from us with a link to your paid invoice.

Q. The pickup for an auction is being advertised as “By Appointment.” How do I book an appointment for items that I purchased?
A. We include the scheduling link within the body of the invoice. View your invoice. On the first page of your invoice is a link to schedule your appointment. The link is located under the Pickup & removal information section. Click on the link. You will see a list of available timeslots.

We utilize appointments for a variety of reasons: limited parking; a large number of winning bidders; houses packed with many lots, etc. Buyer safety at pickups is our main concern. If an online auction is labeled “By Appointment” we require all winning buyers to book an appointment for their items, regardless of the number of items you purchased. If you do not book an appointment for your pickup, you may be subject to long wait periods or asked to return at a later time, as buyers with appointments will be accommodated first.

Q. The auction has closed online. What happens to those results?
A. After an auction closes online, you can still see the results for a limited time. Go to the Auction Calendar on our website. Click on the drop-down arrow and select ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY. This will take you to our Upcoming Personal Property Auctions page. Scroll to the bottom of this page. Links to closed auctions are visible for one week following their online close date.

Q. Help! I missed the auction pickup! What do I do?
A. Unfortunately, once an auction pickup has completed, we no longer have access to the physical property. We do not own the houses from which we sell contents and often we return the keys to the property owner immediately following the auction pickup. Bidding on auction items is an agreement to pick those items up on the pre-scheduled date and time. Please note, anyone can pick up your auction items on your behalf. Schedule your pickup appointment. When you receive your appointment confirmation email, forward it to us at and include the name of the person that is picking up your items. The person you designated to pickup your items will need to bring a valid photo ID.


Q. I need to change my email address. How do I do this?
A. Please call our office at (717) 597-9100 or email your changes to Please include the name your account is listed under, your current email, and your new email.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
A. From the online auction page, click on the Sign In link located in the upper right corner of the page.
1. Enter your email address in the Email field
2. Click on the Next button. This will expand to enter your password.
3. Below the Password field is a link Trouble signing in? Click on the link
4. The Recover password window will open. Your email address will be displayed
5. Click Send
6. Go to your email account and open the email sent to you.
7. Click on the Password Reset link and follow the prompts

Q. I am trying to remove a credit card from my account, and I keep receiving an error. Why?
A. You received the error to remove your card because you previously registered for an online auction using this card. Please call our office at (717) 597-9100, or email your request to, and we will be happy to assist you. We are open Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Q. I just added a new credit card and I want to use it to pay for the upcoming auction. How do I do this?
A. Go to the auction you are bidding on and then log out of your account. Close the browsing window and then reopen it and return to our website. Go to the auction, reauthorize to bid, and select the new card you added.

Q. I received my new credit card and need to update the expiration date and the CVV number.
A. You must be signed into your bidding account to edit your credit card.

Click on this link to log into your Profile. Bidder Profile Once you are logged into your account, ‘You are logged in’ will show at the bottom of the screen and your first name will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner

Click on the dropdown arrow next to your name and select Edit credit cards
You can add a new credit card or EDIT the information on an existing credit card.