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Frequently Asked Questions about Bidding Online with Hurley Auctions

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Q. Where do I go to register for a bidding number?
A. To register for a bidding number online, simply scroll to the top of the Hurley Auctions webpage that you are currently on. You can click on the words "Register to Bid" in the top right corner of our website. Each individual auction information page will also have a place to register for a new bidding number or update your current account. Once you have created a bidding account on, you can use it for any of our online auctions as long as your payment method is current. If you prefer not to register online, you can also stop by our Greencastle location on 2800 Buchanan Trail East to register in person. You will need a valid form of ID and a credit card at time of registration. 

Q. Do I need to register for each online auction?
A. No, once you are registered with, you are eligible for any of our online auctions. Just make sure to update your payment information if you are issued a new credit card or if your billing location changes. 

Q. How long does it take to get my bidding number via email?
A. An email will be sent within moments of you submitting your registration. If you do not see it immediately following registration, be sure to check your junk/spam folder to see if it has been blocked from your inbox. If it has been longer than an hour, please feel free to contact our main office at 717-597-9100, as there may have been a problem with your registration.


Q. What does "maximum bid" mean?
A. Our auction catalog allows you to place an absentee maximum bid on an auction item. The computer will then bid for you at the lowest possible increment until your maximum value is met. If your max is not met by the close of the online auction, you only pay the final bid price, not your maximum bid. Don't forget to factor in the buyers premium and any applicable tax when calculating your maximum bid.

Q. Why can't I see what someone else's maximum bid is on an item?
A. As a security feature, our system does not show another buyer's maximum bid. It is kept private so that other buyers don't run up your bid!

Q. How do I see bids that I have placed on auction items?
A. When you are looking at the catalog of the auction where you have placed bids, scroll to the bottom of the catalog page. There is a button marked "Watch" on the left bottom corner of the website. Enter your bidding number and Password to login to our system, then click the "Watch" button. It will then only show you the lots on which you have placed bids.

Q. When does the online auction close?
A. If an auction is advertised to start closing at 7PM 3 items per minute, the catalog of the auction will begin closing at 7PM. The first three items in the catalog will be scheduled to close at 7PM, then the next 3 items at 7:01 and so on until the catalog has completely closed. You can check the countdown on each individual auction item to know to the minute how you you have to bid on an auction item. You will want to make sure to refresh your bidding screen so that you have the most up-to-date information available. The only thing that may effect an item's scheduled time is the "auto-extend" feature.

Q. What is the "auto-extend" feature?
A. When a bid is placed on an auction item in the last minute of online auction bidding, our software will automatically extend the closing time for that item by an additional 3 minutes to allow the backup bidder a chance to respond. While many bidders wait until the final minutes of an online auction to attempt to get the lowest possible value, we do not allow "snipe" bids on our online auctions.

Q. How do I remove a bid once I have placed it?
A. There is not a way for an online buyer to remove a bid once it is confirmed. The decision to cancel a bid should be made prior to submitting it to the website. Online bidding is done in real time, thus the removal of bids affects other buyers. If you bid on the wrong item, we cannot remove your bid, so please make sure and review all bids before submitting. If you feel that you have placed a bid in error, you may contact our office 24 hours prior to the close of the online auction at 717-597-9100 or to discuss possible options. We will not remove bids after the auction has begun to close. We cannot remove bids after the auction has closed online.


Q. I need more information regarding an item in an online auction, but I cannot attend the scheduled preview? What should I do?
A. Email in any questions you have regarding auction items to, from dimensions (if they are not provided) to requests for additional pictures. You will be contacted during or after the scheduled preview with answers and additional information.


Q. The auction just closed online. When is my payment processed and when will I receive my invoice? 
A. Payments are processed the following business day after an auction closes. (ie. If an auction closes on a Friday, invoices are not processed until the following Monday. If an auction closes on a Tuesday, the following Wednesday morning invoices will be processed. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM) You will receive an invoice via email as soon as the invoices have been processed and reviewed.

Q. The pickup for an auction that I bid in is being advertised as "By Appointment". How to I book an appointment for items that I purchased?
A. When invoices are processed the next business day after an auction closes online, an email will be sent to each winning bidder with a link to book their pickup appointment. We utilize appointments for a variety of reasons: limited parking, a large number of winning bidders, houses packed with many lots, etc. Buyer safety at pickups is our main concern. If an online auction is labeled "by appointment" we require all winning buyers to book an appointment for their items regardless of the number of items you purchase. Please note, if you do not book an appointment for your pickup, you may be subject to long wait periods or asked to return at a different time as buyers with appointments will be accommodated first. 

Q. The auction has closed online. What happens to those results?
A. After an auction closes online, you can still see the results for a limited time. Go to the All Personal Property Auction Calendar page on our website and scroll to the bottom. Links to closed auctions are visible for one week following their online close date.

Q. Help! I missed the auction pickup! What do I do?
A. Unfortunately, once an auction pickup is completed, we no longer have access to the physical property. We do not own the houses from which we sell contents and often we return keys back to the property owner immediately following the auction pickup. Bidding on auction items is an agreement to pick those items up on the pre-scheduled date/time. Please note, anyone can pickup your auction items for you. Simply reply to your emailed invoice with the name of who will be picking up your items or email us directly at designated pickup helper will need a valid form of photo ID and your bidder number at the pickup.