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Real Estate Auction – Advantages/Benefits Sellers

Quick Results

Most auction sales occur in 30-45 days or less.

Unlimited Selling Price

There’s no asking price to come down from, the opening bid prices are driven up by competitive bidding.

As-Is Selling Conditions

Your property is sold as-is. No contingencies or numerous inspections or repairs to lower the price.


Competitive bidding provides the truest measurement of fair market value, maximizes pricing and eliminates the negative impact of "overpricing" or "underpricing."

Aggressive Marketing

An auction is designed to saturate potential qualified buyers with information on the property, engage their prompt interest, and call them to act. An auction marketing campaign builds interest up to the final sale date, maximizing excitement to buy. Our staff uses their vast experience to present your property to potential buyers through an aggressive marketing campaign employing direct mail, Internet marketing, print media, specialty journals, broadcast media, signage, telemarketing and personal contact as appropriate to the property and the market.


The seller sets their sale date, terms, time lines and eliminates the inconvenience of unscheduled showings.

No Negotiations

An auction insulates sellers from stressful and awkward negotiations.

Reduced Closing Costs

The buyer is responsible for most if not all closing costs.

Serious Buyers

Buyers come ready to buy.

Solid Contracts

Auction buyers are required to put down substantial non-refundable deposits which lead to contracts with serious, qualified buyers which rarely if ever fall through.

Reduced Holding Costs/Liquidity

The swift nature of the auction reduces holding costs such as mortgage payments, maintenance and repairs, taxes, insurance. An auction effectively converts real estate assets into useable cash.

Value is Determined

In today’s market, it can be tough to determine the value of a given property. With that said, an auction is the best determination of value. We create the target market and maximum competition to achieve the highest price. With an auction, there is no money left on the negotiating table.

Auctions Draw Attention

The greatest benefit of an auction is the market response. Whether art, cars, or real estate is being sold, buyers are addicted to auctions. When advertising starts, the phones don’t stop ringing. Real estates auctions have produced sales for many properties that were listed for over a year without a single offer. The auction is aggressively marketed to the correct target market that in turn, produces results.

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