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"I am so delighted with the work that Alese, Ann, and Linda are doing as they organize my parents' belongings for auction. It soothes my emotions to know that they appreciate the items and handle them carefully--it is hard for me to part with these reminders of my parents. They exhibit pleasure in doing their work. I like that Alese will communicate with me as needed via text and phone calls. I want to thank Kaleb for offering to come to my parent's property when I just felt that I couldn't complete preparing for the organizing crew. He patiently encouraged and reassured me that I had done enough. I even remember my first phone conversation with Donna 13-14 months ago, and frequently in more recent months. She is so helpful as she explains things and answers my questions. I am so happy that Hurley Auctions was recommended to us by the the Barr family and the Wood family in Hagerstown. ." -Barbara Curtis
"Dear Matt, Barb, Misti, Chet, Jen, Jacquie, and at least a few others who helped, I just wanted to thank you all on behalf of my Mom and myself for a successful auction with a very satisfactory outcome. The other day, Paul said to me “you rolled the dice with the auction, and you won”, and I think he was definitely right. We got a fair price for the house, and managed to sell all sorts of stuff I thought we would have to give away or pay to take to the dump. From start to finish, the whole operation was a class act, and you were all a pleasure to work with." -Carol Rouzer
"I would absolutely recommend Hurley Auction services. I required their services when my brother passed away unexpectedly the summer of 2016. Since I lived at a distance, Matt Hurley was able to accommodate my schedule and meet me the day after I called to walk through my brother's residence and place of business, which were in two different states! He provided a walk through on how the auction process works and satisfactorily answered all of my questions. About a month and a half later, with no pressure, we scheduled dates and started the process. Within two months, from inventory to pick-up, the house and automotive business contents, and real estate were sold, and the real-estate for both properties went to settlement within 45 days after that! The staff was very patient, respectful, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire process. If there were any issues, concerns or questions, the staff responded immediately and to my satisfaction. I am so impressed and relieved that I, along with the services of Hurley Auctions, was able to complete the daunting task of disposing the personal property and real estate of both the residence and business with such compassion and professionalism and within a short timeline." -Allyn Patterson


"Hi, I visited your auction last night for the first time. I’m writing to let you know what a wonderful job you did auctioning the carnival glass. I was very impressed with the professionalism of all your staff. The staff I came in contact were very professional and extremely helpful. I enjoyed my purchases and plan to visit again in the near future. If I were the owners of the carnival glass you sold, I would be very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Hurley Auctions to anyone. Thanks for making this Marylander’s visit a pleasurable one." -Phil Lowery

“The Thomas Family was very pleased with how our Father’s Estate camera auction was handled. The marketing plan offered by the Legacy Center brought bidders in from various parts of the Country either in person or by telephone. We appreciated the professional auction service provided to us and the humor that made the auction so much fun.” -Ben Thomas, Jr.

“With the loss of our second parent, we were faced with the process of selling all family property, both personal and real. During this time, Matt Hurley was a special blessing for our entire family. His professional conduct combined with his sincere concern and caring spirit demonstrated how much he values his clients. We felt that we had his undivided attention. When he was with us, he concentrated completely on our needs. He was professional. He and his staff were organized and constantly gave us feedback about what they were doing and why. We always felt as if we were part of his team. When a family as large as ours goes through the feelings of losing a loved one, it is comforting to know that a caring, competent professional is available. Not only do Matt Hurley and his staff act in a professional and competent manner, they “go the extra mile.” That in today’s world is so often overlooked and undervalued. Matt did small things that he didn’t have to do to make us feel better. While we know that he was hired to do a job and his business is his career, it was also a comfort to know that he and his staff genuinely cared about the process we were going through. I would (and do!) recommend Matt Hurley to anyone. I cannot say enough about his skills both as a professional and as a caring member of our “family team.” Margaret Bumbaugh For the family of Alice Hykes Dear Matt, My brother and I want to thank you once again for doing a fabulous job with our mother’s auction. You and your entire staff were absolutely wonderful! Selling my mother’s things was a dreaded event for me, but your thoughtfulness and absolute professionalism made the whole day go without a hitch. I have since then highly recommend you and will continue to do so! Thanks again!" -Linda Stains

"Dear Mr. Hurley, Just wanted to leave you and the staff at Hurley Auctions know we were very pleased with the services we received. We felt we were definitely updated on all that was going on with the sale of the property. You also worked in a very professional manner. We look back and we are telling anyone thinking about selling property to go the same route we did, we also thought you were a very excellent auctioneer and again definitely worked for us the sellers. Again, we thank you for everything and may you prosper greatly in your profession." -Linda and Ronald Cowan

"Matt and Staff, Thank you for all your help, time, and many phone calls in helping me sell my property for keeping me informed and updated during the time it took to get everything sorted out. I would have been lost without you and your staff. Special thanks to Carole for keeping me informed on all the paperwork we needed." -Frances Faith

Dear Matt and Staff, I “sincerely” thank you for all of your help with the auction. You all certainly made a very difficult situation a lot easier for me. I am proud to say that I was able to be associated with you. I am not at all “computer literate” and even I was able to participate with the online auction – what a wonderful way for an auction! Again, I say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart for all that you and your ladies did to make this work. Much appreciation!" -Kathy

"Dear Mr. Hurley, I recently had the need for your auction services. I called your office and was able to talk to a very nice lady. She was helpful and a pleasant person to deal with. She is a big asset to your auction business, who in turn, got me in contact with you. You came in a very short time and set up the pickup for the next week. I can’t tell you the relief this gave me, to know there are auctioneers that really care about doing business and helping out in a pinch. The two men that came and picked up my items went over and above to do a fantastic job. I feel I got a very fair price for my items at your auction. So, at this time, I wish to Thank you and all your staff for a wonderful job. You went over and above to make this a wonderful experience dealing with Hurley Auctions. I have already recommended you highly." Sincerely, Judy Biggs

"Mr. Hurley, I would like to once again take a few minutes of your time. However, this time I would simply like to express my sincere appreciation for sharing your time and over abundant wealth of information/knowledge. You shared your valuable time with us, educating us in many areas. I will always be grateful and continue to share your level of expertise with others who can use your services." Respectfully and with Appreciation, Karla Pile

"Matt, Thank you. Now I know what to look for in the future. That sale was a beauty. I just want to tell you that you have the BEST auction house I’ve ever been to. I try to get there every week, but my work interferes a lot. I really enjoy Thursday nights there and tell my husband that it is a stress relief. The people are so nice and everything is so organized. All your helpers do such a great job and I love those little things you do such as pictures and the birthday cake. You never cease to put a smile on my face. You truly deserve any awards that come your way." Best wishes! Brenda Barkdoll

"Matt, Your website is awesome. Congrats on your bid calling Champion Title, and I wish you all the best. You are a great auctioneer, and your marketing is awesome. I really look up to you for taking the auction business to a new level. That is our company goal also, but you are way ahead of us." Best of Luck. -Ryan Groff

"Dear Matt, First impressions often set the tone for long term relationships. From the very first phone call to inquire about selling my father’s household items, till receiving an itemized listing of the sale, you and your staff have been extremely helpful, patient with my many questions, and very prompt responding to my needs. The decision had already been made when it came time to ask for your services to sell my mother-in-law’s household items. I wanted a first rate auction company at my disposal to plan, organize, and execute this much larger sale. I was again pleasantly surprised that you and your staff’s professionalism, positive approach and generous support had not diminished one bit-start to finish. It was only natural then, when I was unable to sell my father’s house privately, that you quickly responded to my request and successfully negotiated a sale the day of the auction. All this is in the span of just over two months! Amazing! Matt, please convey my admiration and sincere thanks to your entire staff for the delightful experience extended to me during a difficult time for my family." Sincerely, Ronald Wolff

"Dear Matt, Just a note to thank you again for the way in which you handled my father’s auction. My brother and sisters were more than satisfied with your efforts. Also, I might add that our extended family and friends had high regards for your character." Thanks again, Kay Blount

"Hi Matt, Matt, I want to thank your for what you did to help me and my family through our sale of our parent’s things and for selling the property. You did a great job. I would tell anyone that you did a great job and also that they can trust you for giving them good advice on how to do things for the best." Thanks again, Ruby Shank

"Mr. Matt Hurley, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice in the sale of the property. We had no idea how much the 3 bedroom home was worth or the best way to sell the home. We knew it was a tough market and that the usual Real Estate listing guidelines were of limited value. Your suggestion to auction the home, while not successful, was an excellent idea. It gave you the opportunity to advertise the property and establish a bid price. Settlement was quick and took less than 20 minutes. All things considered you and your organization were effective, fair, and have a well-deserved reputation for “getting the job done.” I would recommend you to other home sellers in a heartbeat." Sincerely, Richard Ogan

"Dear Matt and Staff, I wanted to let you know I was very pleased with how my home auction was handled. I was initially very cautious and somewhat uneasy with the decision to have my home auctioned. This was an entirely new concept to grasp. However, from the first meeting with Matt in the office and then after he came to our home in Chambersburg, I was convinced this was the right choice. The respect shown to both myself and my husband was very noticeable from both Matt and the entire staff at Hurley Auction. I knew that this was not the best time to have my home on the market, but I did feel secure knowing that Matt, Carol, and Marge were working hard to sell my home. The time went very fast and I was pleased to be kept informed on any interest in my home. After it was all said and done, I felt like we have made some new friends and I will continue to inform my friends and family that would be selling their homes in the future, to call Hurley Auctions." Thank you for everything, Norma Day