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If you are thinking about selling your farm there are a few things below you should consider:

Why Are You Selling?

There are a multitude of reasons why you might be considering selling your farm. You might be thinking of retiring and downsizing to a smaller property or  relieving yourself of the physical demands of an operational farm. You may be settling an estate or reinvesting and wish to liquidate all assets. Regardless, the decision to sell your farm can be an emotional one and usually takes some time to get all parties on board. We recommend sellers review their personal situation, needs and expenses to determine if selling the farm, renting it out, or continuing to operate it puts you in the best financial position for you and your family.

What is My Farm Worth?

If you live in a farming community, talking to friends and local business partners could help you get an idea on the market. As an operational farm owner and multi-land owner himself, as well as a realtor and broker, Matt Hurley is highly informed and continually apprised of current land sales and can provide proprietary information on local land values. Make sure to consider all the possible variables when researching local sales, including  tillable, pasture, and wooded acreage, parcel shape and size, rolling hills or sharp topography, soil content and quality, crop yield, operational or non-operational, water availability, structures and equipment, etc. Many factors will affect where your land falls among recent sales.

How Should I Sell My Farm? Auctions vs Traditional Listing

The chosen method of sale can depend on so many factors: demand within the area: the farm’s qualities, local conventions and restrictions in your region, and the landowner’s preferences. Be sure to consider all of your options and list all the pros and cons to review and research. Remember, you only get to sell your farm once!

Why sell my farm or land at Auction?
The bottom line is...Auctions WORK!

If your goal is to sell your property quickly, efficiently, and for the highest possible price take action now! Real Estate Auctions are the fastest growing trend in real estate. In today’s market, auctions are becoming the first choice not a last resort for sellers of all types of real estate.
YOU set the date, YOU set the minimum price, YOU set the terms, WE GO TO WORK!

Benefits of a real estate auction

  • Results in 30 DAYS!!! Quick turnaround with results measured in days, not months
  • Your property sells AS-IS with NO contingencies on inspections or financing
  • A customized accelerated marketing program specific to your property 
  • Maximize the return on your assets: An auction creates excitement and a sense of urgency with bidders often paying more than they would have otherwise
  • The negotiation process is eliminated
  • Avoid Under/Over-Pricing Your Property: The seller eliminates the risk of setting a price too high or too low. True market value is realized with no limit on upside potential.
  • Reduce carrying costs incurred on a day-to-day basis with continued ownership. ie: taxes, maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, heating bills etc.,etc., etc.
  • Control: The seller is always in control of the terms and conditions of sale.

Why choose Hurley Real Estate & Auctions?

The answer is simple...RESULTS! RESULTS! RESULTS! Having sold thousands of acres and hundreds of farms and recreational properties, Hurley Real Estate & Auctions is known as a leader in the auction industry. Our firm has been providing clients with an unsurpassed level of service for over 30 years and as one of the premier auction marketing specialists, our principal goal is to accelerate the sales process of assets and properties and to present them to buyers through an aggressive marketing campaign.

Our award winning marketing as well as our use of non-traditional methods of advertising has enabled us to reach a sales success rate of nearly 95%setting us apart and making us one of the most successful auction companies in the Northeast.

We only recommend an auction when we believe it is in the best interest of our clients.

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