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Transitional Services

When Hurley Auctions began, Matt Hurley quickly realized that there were more services that their clients needed than someone to sell their real estate and personal belongings. They needed a full range of services including appraisals, cleaning, preparing the home for sale, packing, moving, shipping, unpacking, help finding a new home and so much more. Hurley Auctions has the resources to assist in all of your needs.

Over the past 20 years, they have developed a team to assist you in your transitional needs.  Whether you are moving to a smaller house, retirement community, assisted living, with a family member, or closing an estate, Hurley Auctions make themselves available to fully understand your specific needs based on what you say and what is concluded from your past and current experience. Planning a major downsize or an estate settlement can be mentally and physically exhausting and extremely stressful. This is why Hurley Auctions / Legacy Estate and Transitional Services is here to help you. We have been helping families through their major life transitions since 1993.

Our services include:

  • The sale of your current home through Auction or our sister company, Legacy Realty
  • Finding you a new home
  • Sorting, packing, moving
  • Appraisal of your belongings
  • Cleaning and preparing your home for sale
  • Shipping assets to family members
  • Managing extra or unwanted assets
  • Online or live auctions of your assets to get you the highest possible prices for your items
  • Getting you settled in your new home
  • Anything you need to move on with confidence!