5/6/2024 | Events

Downsizing: Let’s simplify together!

Downsizing Made Easy

Life comes at us in seasons, doesn’t it? Young families are often bursting at the seams, needing more space in vehicles and homes; and many older families find that they are in a season where less has become more. “Less” can mean less to clean, less to fuss over, less to relocate when moving. Both seasons are treasured gifts, and both have their challenges. We all need people in our lives that can help us; and we would like to help you if you are in a season of downsizing.

We would like to invite you to join us for our free Downsizing Made Easy seminar that will help prepare you for a season of simplification. Join us at the Legacy Center (Hurley Real Estate & Auctions headquarters) on

Thursday evening, May 23rd from 6-7pm

for light refreshments and a simple seminar that will help you begin the downsizing process with the knowledge you need to make the best choices for you and your family. 

Join us as we go into detail about where to start, what to do with all your personal property, and even what options you have for selling your house.

Click here for a printable info flyer. 


 To RSVP please call us at our office (717) 597-9100,
or email us at info@hurleyauctions.com.


We’ll start here with our top five ways to gear up and get ready for a seamless transition:


1. Start with a list.

Take the time to write out what things you can and cannot live without. Remember that saying no to some things, means you’ll get to say yes to others.

2. Do a little, but do it often.

Break things up into little sections: clean this closet here, organize this shelf there. Pace yourself and make sure you have plenty of time for harder items like photos, paperwork, and sentimental keepsakes.

3. Give now.

If you have items identified as gifts or legacy pieces, we encourage you to give those to your loved ones now. Don’t wait and risk damage or use up precious storage, enjoy the thrill of passing on these items today!

4. Determine timing.

Use backwards planning to set up a timeline for your move, starting with your desired moving date. Set benchmarks for certain goals, and make a downsizing calendar. 

5. Hire the right people.

Hire someone to help tackle your high-end items, large assets, or even small collections. At Hurley Real Estate & Auctions, we can help you with every step of your journey from start to finish, including real estate, personal property, clean-out, and disposal services.


Ready for more tips and info?

Join us and come with your questions!