5/9/2024 | Auction

The Power of Online Auctions

Hurley online auction bidders from Texas and New Jersey
What do Texas and New Jersey have in common? Hurley Bidders. 

We are often asked, do online auctions work? We always answer emphatically: YES. And today we welcomed two women to the Legacy Center who illustrate the power of online auctions.

These two lovely friends flew from Texas and New Jersey respectively to Missouri; to then take a road trip to Pennsylvania, all to pick up items they won from one of our recent auctions. You read that right, they traveled hundreds thousands of miles to pick up items from an online auction!

Online auctions work. They remove barriers and create greater opportunity.

They are not limited by:
    • Location
    • Work Schedules
    • Weather delays/cancellations
    • Niche markets


Instead, they offer:
    • Global audiences
    • 24-hour bidding platform
    • Open bidding for longer timelines
    • Greater competition
    • Less packing/moving/potential damage to items and properties
    • Efficient marketing and conversion
Online auctions have changed the game for personal property sales.


Check out our current auctions, and find out for yourself today!